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We at STAR Hospital provide comprehensive skin care solutions ranging from acne, nail problems and rashes treatment to skin cancer solutions. The dermatologists and skin care specialists here have proved to be the reliable choice of families from worldwide who come here to seek relief. Our dermatologists have innovative solutions and practice to treat dermatological conditions in people of all ages. We are committed to bringing personalized care and offer the latest medical solutions to each one of your skin problems. As a prime centre for skin care, STAR continues to find new ways of improving the skin care treatment. We work towards overcoming the long wait times for an appointment with our specialists or remote location treatments that currently limit the reach for a critical dermatologist consultation. For the same reasons we have online video visits as well. Our team of specialists will educate you about your condition and everything you can do to prevent further damage. We will help you enjoy your everyday activities while minimizing or eliminating your skin related symptoms. When you come to STAR Hospital, you can count on our supreme level of care to treat your skin, hair and nail conditions.


Dermatology Conditions Treated by STAR

We connect you to our leading team of dermatologists for timely, reasonable consultations and accurate and complete diagnoses and treatment plans. Our services cover most of the skin related ailments, and we offer easy self-pay option. Our team of skin care specialists will work close with you and coordinate with all other departments continuously to find the root cause of your skin problem ensuring accurate evaluation of your case. 

Below are few of the skin conditions treated in our hospital. These are just the prominent ones; you can always contact us for expert advice on any dermatology issues other than the ones listed here.

Acne- This is a condition you develop pimples on your skin because the pores of the skin get clogged with dirt/dust which leads to bumps and other blemishes over the skin. Acne usually appears in adolescents, but it can also affect people of any age.

Alopecia Areata – If you notice round spots of hair loss you are most probably affected by Alopecia Areata. It usually occurs on the scalp but eyelashes, eyebrows or the beard area are no exceptions. Though the exact cause of this defect is unknown it is known to be an autoimmune condition leaving hair follicles inflamed causing further hair loss. This may begin abruptly irrespective of your health condition and affects both adults and children. These defect lasts for more than month and can go upto a year or two.

Athlete’s Foot – The skin inflammation caused by a fungal infection affecting the feet, sole and the skin between your toes is a symptom of Athlete’s Foot. This infection is not limited to athletes alone and anyone can be affected by it. If you sense your skin burning, red and swollen, flaking and raw, itchy, scalded and cracked, please consult your dermatologist at the earliest. It is also possible to have athlete's foot with none of these symptoms as well. The best exercise is to get your skin checked regularly.

Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) – This is a benign skin cancer caused by alterations in the DNA of skin cells, that eventually spread to adjacent cells. BCC forms in the deepest (basal) layer of the outer layer of our skin called the epidermis. It often surfaces as a scar and is usually formed in sun exposed parts of the body such as your ears, scalp, nose, and neck. History of sunburn and skin cancer in family too can be the reasons. Contact your nearest dermatologist or reach out to our specialists for further treatment. 

Eczema – This is a condition that you may develop on any part of your body. It is usually a red, flaky, and excessively itchy condition of skin. Most common spots of this skin disease are your feet, knee, hands, palm, elbow, chest and scalp. It has several variants and is a condition that needs immediate treatment. 

Excessive Perspiration – Sweating is a mechanism of the body to maintain its temperature and it allows your body to cool down. However, excess of perspiration is always a cause for embarrassment and if ignored, it can also cause skin related ailments due to excessive dampness. This condition isn’t caused due to stress but for sure leaves you stressed. So, the best solution would be to seek medical advice. 

Hair Loss – People of either gender can be affected by hair loss. Typically, a person loses 60 to 100 strands of hair every day. But when it exceeds these numbers, the absence of hair in a particular portion of your scalp becomes visible. The causes can range from genetics, excessive stress, poor diet, excess medications, emotional issues, and trauma or injury. If these conditions or hair loss are affecting your quality of life, it is time to reach out to us.

Moles/Lumps – Warts or skin tags, birthmarks or fat deposit, any such obvious skin condition that is making you feel uncomfortable, can be treated by our dermatologists. We would require to know your history and background to evaluate your condition to suggest best treatments.  

Melanoma – Skin cancer is one of the most types of cancer that affects people. And melanoma is one of the most serious of skin cancer. They usually form due to negative alterations of skin cell DNA in the outer skin layer. The rapid and uncontrollable spread of these cells raises the risk to your health. They usually appear in areas that aren’t exposed to sun rays though not particularly in unexposed areas, and often appear as a mole, a brown spot, or an asymmetrical lesion. On tracing any such visible spots, please contact us or your nearest dermatology clinic. 

Nail Disorders – Most of the nail disorders are due to fungal infections. Its medical condition is called onychomycosis or tinea unguium and under these conditions both toenails and fingernails are affected. Symptoms usually include pain around the nail region, soreness, solidified thick nails, a distorted look, dark or yellow nails, foul smell of leg, brittle nail or nails separate from its base. 

Psoriasis – This is an autoimmune condition in which your skin produces skin cells much rapidly than normal. This results in thick, flaky, itchy, inflamed patches of skin. Several types of psoriasis exist some of which are nail psoriasis, guttate psoriasis and inverse psoriasis. You will find these surface in your scalp, arms, thighs, groin, fingernails and even toenails. This ailment can affect anyone at any stage. 

Rashes – Rashes cover a range of dermatological issues from bumps, blisters and red patches to anything that alters the skin condition. Usually these cause no harm, but they often could be the base to other skin related ailments which could be anything like persistent skin issues, dermatitis, bacterial or fungal infections, or any kind of viral infections. It is best to discuss your condition with a specialist. 

Vitiligo (Skin Pigmentation) – Vitiligo is a skin disease where you develop patchy discolour on the surface of the skin. It usually affects those who have damaged melanin pigmentation. This is a harmless skin disease though it may have severe emotional and mental impact. This condition is often unpredictable and can be impermanent for some and everlasting for others. Extremity of this disease can change your hair and eye colour and can develop inside your mouth as well. 


Symptoms of Dermatology or Skin Diseases

On a surface level, though most of the skin related ailments appear on the exposed part of the body, they can nevertheless surface on other areas of the body as well, including the arms, armpit, chest, knee, back, buttocks, or neck. Depending on the type of skin disease, along with other biological and hereditary factors, symptoms vary from person to person. Below listed are most common symptoms of skin related issues:

  • Patchy spots of any size
  • Itchy and flaky skin
  • Soreness or reddish skin
  • Discoloured nails
  • Excess loss of hair than usual
  • Whiteheads or blackheads in excess
  • Pimples and excess oil or dryness on surface of skin on face or arms
  • Patchy spots or scarring after the acne heals


Causes and Prevention of Dermatology Diseases

At STAR we provide skin related treatment for everyone from kids, to adults, and aged individuals. Our team of experts use latest medical equipment and advanced research procedures to evaluate the causes to recommend the right treatment to restore your health. Depending on the criticality of the ailment our skin specialists will suggest all possible treatments. 

Though most of the dermatological issues have various factors leading to its origin there are a few factors that are within our control to avoid them. Healthy diet for instance will take you a long way with glowing skin than junk food. Similarly, there are other factors, some avoidable and some unavoidable. Below listed are few common causes for skin related ailments:

  • Excess sweating
  • Genetics causes, hormone changes such as puberty, menstruation and pregnancy; age, stress, environmental factors 
  • Detergents, fruit/vegetable juices/nuts allergies, bacteria, fungal growth, viruses, fabrics or even insect bites
  • Exposure to radiation, harmful substances or toxins
  • Diabetes and poor diet, unhealthy blood circulation 
  • Certain medications Most common of all causes is direct pressure on the face due to activities like holding a mobile phone to your cheek

We provide the most effective treatments for conditions including:

  • Acne scar surgeries 
  • Skin growths/tumours related surgery
  • Chemical peel 
  • Mole Excision surgeries 
  • Dermabrasions 
  • Skin Biopsy 
  • Lipoma/cyst excision surgeries 
  • Vitiligo surgery
  • Scleroderma Treatment
  • Skin Cancer related treatment
  • Treatment related to skin disease caused by drug reactions
  • Eczema and Psoriasis treatment
  • Hair and Nail related treatment
  • Removal of warts and scars

We assure effective care from our unit to each and every one of you which meets the international standards in terms of quality and medical care. At STAR Hospital Hyderabad, your health and safety are of utmost importance to us. We are always ready to care for you and your dear ones in our hospital, surgery units, and through in-person visits. The STAR department of Dermatology excels at identifying and providing solutions to any skin, hair or nail related condition. We have had patients travel across globe to receive the most advanced treatments from us be it cosmetic, medical or surgical dermatology. Our expertise in diagnosing complicated skin diseases and our pledge to researching new treatments has made us a trusted leader in the field of dermatology. So, if you are undergoing symptoms of skin related issues that are interfering with your quality of life, a consultation with our experienced dermatologist in STAR Hospital would probably be first step towards helping bring back the appearance and health of your skin. At STAR, our dermatology specialists hold expertise in cosmetic, clinical, and general dermatology and are ready to provide you with quality care in a friendly and compassionate atmosphere. Call us to know more.

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