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From muscle spasm to much severe damages, the Sports Medicine physicians and surgeons at STAR Hospital will help you get back to your passion, by providing personalized treatment based on your condition. Our orthopaedic therapists and surgeons work together with other specialists such as the dietitians, nurses and physical therapists to help you better. We make use of the latest technology and research to determine the best treatment plan for you. That way we ensure that when you walk out of our hospital, you walk back to a new life which is free from pain.

Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine conditions treated by us

We are chosen for our exceptional non-surgical and surgical proficiency, to help restore all your physical functions. Our advanced methods of treatment include joint replacement surgery, spinal correction surgery, and athletic injury treatments. Below are a few of the most common conditions treated by us.

  • Ankle Pain: We take care of various ligaments and tendons related injuries, such as unsteady ankle, rupture of Achilles tendon and various fractures/cartilage damaged conditions. 
  • Hip Damage: The hip can undergo some damages during sports, like a bone fracture or a cartilage labral tear. We perform procedures such as hip arthroscopy/replacement to treat hip injuries.
  • Knee Pain: We perform a wide range of treatment under our pre-operative and pain management unit for various types of fractures, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) related injuries and tendon tears.
  • Shoulder Pain: We treat conditions such as shoulder dislocation and rotator cuff tears.
  • Elbow Pain: Most of the elbow related injuries are caused by accidents, overuse of hands, wear and tear during sports or progressing age. Our sports medicine specialist treats all kinds of ligament tears, tendon repair and cases such as tennis elbow.

Symptoms of Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine Treatment requirement

Though adventurous by nature, sports do have its own dangerous side, in spite of quality practices and precautions in place. There are many symptoms associated with an injury caused during sports. Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • A sporadic sharp discomfort caused by specific activities
  • Swollen parts of body
  • Inability to function normally, like inability to stand, walk or sit
  • Tight muscles/soreness 
  • Discoloured skin
  • Tender area of injury

Causes and Treatment of Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine

Patients from all over the globe come to STAR Hospital to receive the best orthopaedic treatment. Our orthopaedic surgeons are highly skilled and take up extremely complex surgical procedures as well. Along with the wide range of treatments, below are a few prominent ones available in STAR Hospital:

  • Sports Chiropractic: We take care of a range of grievances caused by sports, accidents, post-concussion problems, immobility, back/body pain, anxiety and mood instability. 
  • Physical Therapy: We aim to relieve you from all sorts of pain, increase your agility, and improve your quality of life through exercise and stretches.
  • Massage Therapy: We have trained therapists who help you relax muscles to speed your recovery and improve mobility.
  • Functional Taping: In this treatment, we use kinesiology tape that allows you a full range of mobility while providing enough support. This helps prevent further injuries.
  • Laser Therapy: This is a non-invasive post-surgical and post-injury treatment to alleviate pain. This helps reduce inflammation and accelerates the healing process. 
  • Dry Needling: In this technique we place thin needles into muscles and trigger points to relieve pain.
  • Surgical Treatments: We have a wide range of surgical treatments available, such as, hip reconstruction, knee cartilage repair, hamstring tear surgeries, and so on. These are recommended only if our surgeons believe that the other treatments would not help you much, instead surgical procedures will relieve you of pain and further injuries in the long run.


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