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At STAR Hospital Hyderabad, our skilled plastic surgeons provide comprehensive non-surgical and surgical possibilities to enhance your external appearance, including eyelid and ear lifts, tummy reduction, and a lot more services. Our proficient staff of surgeons use the latest techniques in cancer surgery rehabilitation, congenital surgery, anti-aging surgeries, cosmetic to gender-alteration surgery. We focus on all possible means to reconstruct your appearance and your self-esteem. 


Conditions We Treat

Our qualified plastic surgeons will do their best to meet your needs, while offering the best support and guidance. It has never been easy and safe to look your best. Deciding to undergo cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is indeed a tough one that requires a lot of thought into it. However, it’s always best to undergo one if it is obstructing your life with confidence. Below are a few of the conditions that we treat in STAR Hyderabad. 

Congenital Anomalies: These are some deformities since birth that most often deviate from the normal structure or bodily function. Such defects can obstruct the daily functions such as to talk, breath or hear properly. If they are ignored, they can cause life-long damage to one’s ability to function naturally and independently. This can be hereditary or a developmental issue. Our team would restore the appearance and functionality helping you get back to an optimal state of life very soon. 

Gynecomastia: This is a condition where men develop excessive growth of breasts which is usually caused by hormonal imbalances. We offer corrective surgery measures for removing fat from the breasts to reduce the size. 

Trauma: Such injuries are usually caused by accidents in sports, work or vehicular accidents. STAR offers intensive care and post traumatic rehabilitation services.

Tumors: The abnormal growth of cancerous cells causes tumors and are extremely critical to health. Such ailments require immediate action. 

Vascular anomalies- They are non-cancerous bulges of skin in the form of tumours or birthmarks. They grow gradually into a visible form but are usually not harmful to health and do not require medical intervention. However, if we notice any bulge, we will conduct an investigation to identify its nature and suggest treatments to block further enlargement. 

Symptoms of Plastic Surgery requirement

One of the major reasons for opting plastic surgery is when you are unable to lead a peaceful life with the current state of your appearance. You feel demotivated and less opportune with the current state of life. In such cases it is always best to get minor alterations that will help you live an enhanced quality of life. Below are a few of the symptoms that may provoke you to think in lines of getting this surgery.

  • In case of abnormalities from birth, such as an uneven lip structure, webbed fingers, overly large and prominent birthmarks.
  • Damaged caused after any severe cancer treatment in any part of the body
  • Scars after severe burns or injuries


Best Plastic Surgery Treatment in Hyderabad

We live in a pretty unpredictable phase of life now where accidents and traumas have become common yet erratic. They usually leave us scarred for life both physically as well as mentally. Fortunately, we have an advanced medical system in place to improve any state of life including the appearance of post traumatic accidents. Our advanced medical services will surely get you back to a normal state of life. All you need to do is follow our recommended pre-surgery and post-surgery lifestyle ensuring that the standards are never compromised any further. Below are a few of our prominent services. Please contact our experts immediately in case of critical conditions so that we can get your dear one to normalcy with minimal or no post injury damages.

Post-traumatic Facial Reconstruction: We have high-end technology and a highly qualified team of plastic surgeons and specialists who are experts at repairing soft tissue injuries using stitches. We use microsurgery techniques, to treat most of the facial related damages. Post traumatic surgeries, we also handle conditions related to tissue deficiency, asymmetry and misalignment.

Facial Bone Fractures Treatment:  We undertake cases of facial bone fracture where we help in restoring facial functions like before. This is done using plate and screw devices to connect the facial bones to even out your facial structure to the desired shape. Any uneven or dislocated jaw issues can be corrected using such surgeries.

Facelift: We have injectable fillers which are minimally invasive solutions to plump your lips, smoothen any wrinkles or folds on your face, and fill in less volumed areas on your face. Please get in touch with our team to know more about such treatments if you have any requirements. 

Liposuction: This is body contouring, this type of plastic surgery involves a suction technique to get rid of excess fat from a specific region of the body mainly the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms or neck. 

Breast Reduction/Enlargement: We also undertake mammoplasty surgeries related to breast enhancement/reduction based on your requirement and the level of discomfort you face.

Body Contouring Surgery: This surgery is usually done to get you back to shape by removing excess fat from your body to build a stronger abdomen and to restore a good shape.

Botox: This is a minimally invasive procedure to help free your face from age related changes such as wrinkles.

Microdermabrasion: STAR provides this cosmetic surgery where our specialists would remove the top layer of the skin to restore youthful appearance. 

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