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STAR Hospital is ranked as one of the top-notch hospitals in India for urology. Our goal is to provide skilled, supportive and innovative care. We conduct thorough evaluation and suggest suitable treatment for urinary tract ailments, including sexual dysfunction, cancers, loss of bladder control, pelvic pain, stone disease, infertility and prostate related disease. We also have urinary tract reconstruction treatment in our centre. Our unit has extensive expertise in prostate surgery for benign and malignant forms of ailments and we make use of the latest treatment techniques to treat a variety of challenging cases. And we treat urology issues in both children and adults.

Urology Ailments and Conditions

STAR’s urology specialists hold expertise in making use of the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques, including endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries, thereby, helping you improve the condition faster; with smaller incisions to heal, lesser pain to bear and considerably lesser time for recovery.

Our team of experts handle common urologic conditions from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), kidney stones discomfort and urinary tract infections to the most intricate and critical urologic ailments and genitourinary cancers. We provide urology related treatment to people of any age and gender. 

Conditions that we treat at STAR Hospital are given below:

  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): This is a more common infection among women than men and is caused by bacteria or virus infecting the urinary tract.
  • Urinary Incontinence: This is a condition where you will have no control over your ability to urinate. You may not be aware and may experience unprepared leaks. 
  • Stone Conditions: You may develop stones in the kidneys when there are crystal-like tiny particles in the urine and when they move from the kidney into the tubes that carry urine, they are termed as ureteral stones. They block the flow of urine and cause severe pain. The smaller stones are usually flushed out of the body without any medical help, but the larger ones tend to stay back causing further health trouble.
  • General Urological Conditions: We also treat general urological conditions such as prostate cancer, bladder cancer/prolapse, blood in the urine (haematuria), erectile dysfunction (ED), pain in the bladder, overactive bladder and prostatitis or swelling of prostate gland.
  • Female specific Urologic Conditions: The shorter urethra in women usually adds to increased chances of urological problems in them. Apart from UTI, pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapses, Incontinence after delivery, etc., are only a few common problems to be named. STAR ensures that you get the best care to recover from all such and many more challenging conditions.
  • Male specific Urologic Conditions: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), Prostate Cancer, Prostatitis, Erectile Dysfunction etc., are few of the common problems’ men face with growing age and other lifestyle related factors. 
  • Infant/Children specific Urological Conditions: There are multiple conditions such as bedwetting, or UTI in children to a bit more complex conditions such as  enlarged urinary tract in infants, stones to vesicoureteral reflux (VUR); which is a condition in which the urine flows back to the kidneys from the bladder. These conditions become less severe as the child grows and sometimes disappears on its own. However, as parents you should be observant of the progress if you are made aware of such conditions in your child. Any information on its progress from you will only help us provide better and faster treatment. 

Symptoms of Urology Diseases

Please get in touch with or urology specialists for expert advice and latest treatment if you see any of the below symptom:

  • Blood/pain while urinating
  • Frequent tendency to urinate
  • Unable to urinate
  • Weak urinary tendencies
  • Difficulty in holding urine 
  • Pain in the lower abdomen
  • Frequent UTI
  • Prolonged infertility after marriage
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Mass in testicle
  • Bedwetting frequently
  • Severe back pain right below the ribs
  • Continuous fatigue and weight loss
  • Frequent fever

Causes and Prevention of Urology Diseased

The urology experts at STAR Hospitals hold expertise and experience to treat a wide range of urologic disorders in both men and women, including common discomforts such as infections to complex surgeries post cancer. All our treatments are fully customized to meet your requirement which may have mild medications, surgery or grouping of both, based on your complexity. During reconstructive surgeries, our specialists work closely with all surgical specialists to ensure that optimal aesthetic and healthily functional solutions are restored in you. Below are a few of the most common treatments by us. Please get in touch with the urology specialists for better advice on your condition. 

    • Urodynamics: Urodynamic test results help diagnose the cause and nature of a lower urinary tract problem. These tests can range from simply observing the urinary process to taking precise measurements using sophisticated instruments including ultrasound and x-ray equipment.
    • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH): 
    • Bladder and Kidney Stones: Our experts will help you recover from issues related to stones with ease through our latest minimally invasive stone treatments.
    • Men's Sexual Health: We have world-renowned urologists who lead in treating erectile dysfunction and are devoted to restoring your normal sexual activity.
    • Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection (RPLND): We provide this advanced surgical treatment for treating testicular cancer.
  • Urinary Tract Infections: Our urologists provide external or oral treatment to other advanced treatments to detect and resolve any issues related to UTI.
  • Urologic Cancer: Our urologists provide a wide range of advanced solutions from minimally invasive to complex surgeries for bladder cancer.
  • Nephrectomy: This is a surgery conducted to remove kidney in case it is damaged severely and no other operational measures will help.
  • Pyeloplasty: We provide this surgical procedure to reconstruct the renal pelvis.
  • Ureteral reimplants: In this procedure the original ureter is re-positioned by means of a surgery.
  • Ureteral stent placement: In this procedure a thin tube is inserted into the ureter to clear the obstruction in flow of urine from your kidney.

We understand that urologic conditions can have an adverse impact in your life both physically and emotionally. Our expert urology team will get into the roots of your problem, while focusing on how to get you back to normalcy in the shortest span of time. Keeping these under consideration, we tailor your treatment plan to resolve your health complications in a way where we can preserve your urinary health and normal sexual functions. We may introduce minimally invasive procedures based on your condition, that will only help restore your health in the shortest span of time keeping in mind your long-term wellness as well.

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