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We are a home to the world’s best specialist spine unit in Hyderabad. At STAR, we offer a comprehensive variety of solutions to diagnose and treat every issue related to spine. We hold world-class equipped diagnostic and treatment centers, and make use of the latest technologies to restore good health. 

As a patient at STAR you will have access to exceptional health care facilities. This means access to world’s best medical specialist team supported with diagnostic tools, and technology that will help us provide you the best treatment. 

We handle a variety of cases ranging from traumatic spine fracture surgeries to complex deformity corrections. We are the pioneers in endoscopic spine surgeries including Endoscopic Percutaneous Transformational discectomy which is a minimally invasive surgery  performed under local anaesthesia. Endoscopic Spine fusion surgeries as well are performed in our center, thus expanding the scope of endoscopy even for spine instabilities. Apart from endoscopy, minimally invasive spine surgeries (MISS) are performed in our centers. That gives scope to quicker recovery with lesser pain. 

Spine Ailments and Conditions

About 90% of the people experience one or more episodes of back pain in their lifetime. And finding the right doctor for the right treatment gets as confusing and distressing as the ailment itself. Though most of these conditions surface as you grow old, they aren’t restricted to age alone. There are various other factors ranging from a bad posture, traumatic injury, congenital factors, victim of a bad accident to unattended stress which are unhygienic for spine health. 

Pioneer in the field of study of spine related issues and spine surgery, we hold an outstanding team of noteworthy doctors, specialists at their fields in neurology and spine health, physical therapies and overall wellbeing. The hope is always to get the best treatment which would quicken the healing process to get you back to normal life. STAR Hospital in Hyderabad is the first of its kind which provides cost effective medical services, assures quality outcomes and excellent patient satisfaction. 

Symptoms of Spine Diseases or Back Pain

If you have been experiencing any amount of discomfort on your back for some time and have been perhaps going back and forth to your doctor without getting any closer to the underlying cause, it is a sign of chronic spine issue. Below are some of the prominent red flags to your spine health and need immediate attention. Please reach out to our Spine speciality doctors if you experience one or more of the below mentioned symptoms:

  • Weakness, numbness or tingling, radicular pain. 
  • Increased pain on standing erect and walking downhill which alleviates on lying supine. 
  • Increased pain on sitting, squatting or while getting up from a sitting position. 
  • Walking stick or holding any object while standing eases pain and helps you walk longer.

Additional severe symptoms are as below

  • Buttock pain or leg pain. 
  • Heaviness, weakness, diffuse, crampy, needle like pricking sensation in legs. 
  • Tiredness or loss of balance while walking. 
  • Shooting pain from the buttock region to either or both the legs causing difficulty in any normal activity such as lying on bed, walking or sitting. 

Causes and Prevention of Spine Diseases

Ankylosing Spondylitis 

Ankylosing Spondylitis Is a inflammatory disorder which is chronic in nature. The reasons for this disorder is unknown though the primary area of its affects are largely seen around the spine, sternum, and large joints in the body. The disincentive feature of this ailment is a significant or complete loss of spine flexibility. Morning stiffness, limited motion and chronic back pain are other few prominent side effects. 

Herniated Disc

The discs between the vertebrae in our spine act as rubbery cushions or shock absorbers. They provide the elasticity and flexibility in the spinal column. These discs tend to deteriorate with age or injury and bulge or rupture and cause immense pain when the body is in action. The comply attack the next and lower back region, certain times compressing the nerves in and around the region causing further damage. STARS has a dedicated physiotherapist center that provide non – invasive solutions to this issue. In severe conditions, we have our team of experts who perform surgeries ranging from minimally invasive discectomy to spinal fusion. 


Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine to the sideways and can affect people of any age group. It prominently causes discomfort in regions around the cervical spine or the neck region, the thoracic spine which is the chest and upper back region or the lumbar spine which is the lower neck region. This abnormality is usually visible when a shoulder, waist, hip or a part of the body is higher in one side than the other leading to increased risk of back pain. STARS team has the best non – surgical and minor surgical treatments depending on the severity of Scoliosis. We conduct treatments ranging from minimally invasive spine surgeries to posterior spinal fusion. 

Spine Stenosis 

Spine Stenosis refers to a condition where the spinal canal narrows down that results in immense pressure on nerves resulting to weakness, numbness and pain in its extremities. It usually affects the neck or lower neck region and results in imbalance of body along with signs of pain on legs or buttock region. This is usually age-related but can also be the outcome of any traumatic injury to spine. Arthritic changes can also be a cause. We offer support that varies from oral medications to spinal decompression surgeries in case of severe conditions. 


They are separate yet related conditions. While Spondylosis refers to spine fracture Spondylitis is an incorrect movement and positioning of spine vertebrae. Any pain in the neck, back, legs though or shoulder region, muscle spasms, stiffness or numbness in the back area the major symptoms that should not be ignored. Repetitive stress is diagnosed as one of the major causes of this rather than any acute injury. We have non surgical treatment which includes back braces, physical therapy which may temporarily reduce your daily activities. Operative solutions such as decompression surgery and spinal fusions as well are offered by us depending on the criticality of the ailment. 

Sports Medicine 

From an amateur to pros, every sports person has an increased risk of injury while engaging in sports. You may develop inflammation, nine spurs, cartilage wear, sprain, concussions, or severe spine damage. At STARS we have a dedicated team of experts who treat athletic injuries particularity those affecting the musculoskeletal system, with equal attention to any minor shoulder, knee or elbow injury. Our specialist team in Hyderabad believes in leading an active life and will do the best to get you back to doing your routine activities with same strength. 

Best Treatment for Spine Diseases in Hyderabad

Known to be as the world-renowned hospitals exclusively focusing on providing spine speciality treatment, we at STAR Hospital in Hyderabad welcome all patients from around the world and promise to help them experience minimal discomfort possible and most importantly get them back to living their lives as normal as possible. From the very facility, to the dedicated medical support staffs, to procedures involving high level expertise STAR Hospital in Hyderabad provides services which are simply not available anywhere else. Being the stand-alone speciality hospital of its kind, our facility encompasses acute care services and treatment suites which are made avails during emergencies without delay. It means that when you choose to be at STAR hospital Hyderabad you are choosing the highest quality of surgical spine support available. Our Speciality doctors will do exerting to keep you safe and to ensure optimal outcome and unmatched medical support. 

Below are a list of non-surgical therapies and surgical treatments offered by us.

Non-Surgical Treatments

  • Physical and occupational therapy which comprises of strengthening and stretch exercises to improve your mobility and relax the affected area
  • Injections as a part of pain management medications to reduce inflamations
  • Oral medicines, which includes anti-inflammatories and steroids and pain relievers
  • Chiropractic therapy session for chronic back pain or neck pain
  • Meditation sessions to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain
  • Acupuncture treatment to help release pain-relieving endorphins

Surgical Treatments

Disc Replacement: This is performed to decompress the jammed nerves where the damaged disc between two vertebrae are replaced with an artificial disc. This is done in case of herniated disc issues.

Diskectomy or Microdiskectomy: This is a minimally invasive decompression surgery done to remove a portion of a disc that is herniated and pressing on a nerve. These procedures restore mobility.

Cervical Laminectomy: This procedure is done to enlarge the spinal canal, the passage through which the spinal cord passes, to alleviate stress and pain.

Foraminotomy: In this process the space through which a nerve passes in the spinal canal is enlarged. Sometimes they get blocked due to bone or other tissue, so we remove those blocks to restore mobility.

Laminectomy and Laminotomy: In this surgery, the back part of a vertebra, called the lamina, is removed to provide more space to a nerve that is being compressed. Laminotomy is a process where only a portion of the affected area is removed to restore mobility. 

Spinal Fusion: This process is done to stabilize or strengthen a crooked spine. Two or more vertebrae are joined in this process which eventually heal to become one solid bone. This prevents any kind of movement that gives rise to compress of nerves. Spinal deformities such as scoliosis, spondylolisthesis or kyphosis and unstable/broken vertebrae conditions require spinal fusion.

Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT): This is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to treat children with deformed spinal structure or scoliosis. We place a flexible cord to align the spine as the child grows.

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