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STAR Hospital is one of the topmost global service providers for disorders related to the nervous system. Our pioneering neurosurgical specialists deliver a broad range of surgical services for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of all neurological conditions involving the brain, spine, and nervous system. We apply the most advanced surgical techniques and expertise to treat any sort of planned or unexpected complex neurological disorder. We assure that you will receive exceptional care here as our team will put its entire efforts to work on your condition. 

With our team of neurosurgeons, neuropathologists, neurophysiologists, radiologists, neuro-oncologists, and ENT surgeons working together, we assure to deliver timely diagnosis and utmost effective treatment for your condition. Our diagnostic centres, operating theatres and ICU are fully equipped to provide a complete screening and treatment for any critical neurological problem. We investigate neurological problems for people of all age group. 

In addition, we also have the below facilities:

  • Zeiss operating microscope
  • Advanced Neuro navigation system
  • Endoscopy for brain and spine with HD recording
  • High end facilities for epilepsy surgery like intra operative monitoring
  • Round the clock cover for head injuries, poly trauma, stroke intervention 
  • Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (Video EEG)
  • Intra operative monitoring

Neuro Ailments and Conditions

Nerve related damages can range from mild and momentary to long-lasting and life-changing outcome. Depending on its criticality and part of body affected, a neurological condition can impair essential bodily movements, physical activity, sensory perceptions, communication skills, mental impairment and affect our ability to think, pay attention, recall and make decisions.

Below are a few of the ailments related to neurological disorders:

Alzheimer’s Disease: This is one of the most common form of dementia that is caused due to deterioration of brain cells. This means that over time ones most part of the brain gets damaged leading to forgetfulness and complete loss of memory in severe cases. 

Brain Injury: There are various causes of brain injuries and they are mostly serious and sensitive as they can end up being a life-long threat. There are nontraumatic brain function damages caused by lack of oxygen (hypoxic/anoxic effects), seizure attack, stroke, toxins and tumours. Then there are the traumatic brain injuries caused by concussion, tear in any nerve tissue in the brain (diffuse axonal injury) or a skull fracture. 

Brain Tumour: A brain tumour or cancer is caused when cells form and grow at an abnormal rate inside the brain. These Tumours have variants based on its size and place of growth in the brain based on which they are categorized as benign to critical. Frequent and unbearable headache, nausea, blurred vision or loss of peripheral vision, lack of sensation or control over body, seizures, and issues with hearing are a few of its alarming symptoms. 

Cerebral Palsy: It is a neurological disorder that is visible in infancy and early childhood stages which can cause permanent damage to body movements and muscle coordination. It usually affects the motor region of the brain’s outer layer which directs muscle movements, termed as cerebral cortex. 

Epilepsy: It is a chronic neurological disorder and can impact a person of any age group. It is usually an aftereffect of a stroke, brain injury, brain tumour or any other serious illness and is marked by a sudden seizure and loss of control over body and bodily sensations. 

Migraine: It is a condition which involves moderate to severe headache, inability to tolerate light and sound, nausea, vomiting, difficulty in speaking, etc. 

Parkinson’s Disease: This is a long-term neurodegenerative disease that degrades the motor skills of an individual. Signs of trembling hand, slow movement, stiffness and imbalance of body are its symptoms. 

Spine Tumour: The uncharacterized growth of cells within the spinal cord or bones, nerves, fluid or tissues that comprises it, leads to spine tumour. Numbness, weakness abnormal gait, difficulty walking in the dark etc., are its prominent symptoms.

Stroke: This takes place when the blood flow to the brain is ruptured resulting in the death of brain cells. Trouble while talking, paralytic attack in the arms or legs are its prominent symptoms. 

Symptoms of Neurological Disorders

The symptoms of neurological disorders may not be prominent at first, however, the same should not be ignored if the frequency of the occurrence rises with time. Below are few of the symptoms listed based on their criticality which should not be ignored.

  •  Frequent and severe headache
  • Weakness in muscles and loss of control over body
  • Numbness, tingling sensation or pain radiating to arms or legs
  • Sudden seizure attacks 

If you show any of the above symptoms, please reach out to our experts or your nearest medical centre for further investigation. 

Best Treatment for Neurological Diseases in Hyderabad

STAR has a long and renowned history of patient care in the field of neurological treatment. Our mission remains the same - we always work towards developing improved methods to treat the neurological disorders and eventually a cure for all ailments related to it. We will continue our pursuit to identify the earliest symptoms of ailments in you that result in involuntary movements, study all the genetic or environmental factors contributing to your illness, and test new ways to improve your lives in the shortest span possible. Your life matters to us!

With several years of practice in a range of conditions, our certified neurologists and neurosurgeons are now skilful enough to diagnose any condition related to nerve disorders and begin an appropriate treatment for you at the earliest. Below are a few of the specialities STAR Hospital Hyderabad offers along with several other treatments under the neuro department. 

Oral Drug Therapy Treatment options in STAR usually begin from drug therapy in case of less critical cases. Our neuro specialists will provide you sufficient timely guidance to reduce the occurrence of any neurological ailment ranging from headaches to seizures.

Brain Mapping System – Our ultimate aim is to detect the areas of your discomfort and provide you the best and fastest treatment possible. With this same intention we have set our neurodiagnostic labs with brain mapping tools that enable neurosurgeons to pinpoint the focus of any abnormal activity within the brain and advice treatment with greater precision. Such testings are also used to understand behavioural and cognitive challenges.

Interventional Radiology: Whether you have a trouble with your lungs, heart, or leg, STAR interventional radiologists will help you with it. We make use of advanced techniques such as imaging technologies and catheters to diagnose and provide treatment. We move small instruments through your blood vessels during this procedure to treat the condition. This approach is minimally invasive and decreases the risk, pain, and recovery time involved in the procedure.

Neuro-Plastic Surgery: Neuroplastic treatment can benefit you at any stage of care. Our neuro specialists at STAR make use of neurosurgery and plastic surgery to restore your preoperative appearance, leaving you with improved sense of confidence and well-being. 

Neuro-Rehabilitation: At STAR, we evaluate and treat all types of neurological injuries, including stroke, traumatic brain damage and other paralysing neurological disorders. Assessment includes valuation of your cognitive, physical and language deficits and its impact on your functional status. Our neurological rehabilitation specialists offer treatment and support to improve your body function and overall well-being that will enable you to reach your maximum level of independence and quality of life. 

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