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Kidney related diseases have different impacts on each one of us, be it physically and emotionally. It can change many aspects of life, including closest relations, occupation and social life. To your relief, STAR Hospital is here, which is the largest facility of its kind in India providing latest practices in treating kidney ailments and kidney failure. Our centre holds an exceptionally skilled team, with proficiency ranging across all subspecialties, together with kidney surgeons, nephrologists, cardiologists, and dedicated renal anaesthesiologists. We follow a patient-centric approach here and you will be treated with utmost care and diligence, your case will be evaluated by the finest doctors here who will plan a holistic and highly effective treatment for you. Get in touch with STAR Hospital to learn more about enhancing your general lifestyle post kidney disease, including emotional state of health, diet, and journey of recovery. 

Nephrology Ailments and Conditions

Being identified with a kidney condition can be a terrifying experience. We know that it will cause you a lot of emotional stress. That’s exactly why we are here, to give you our complete support; to help get back a quality life. Our treatment covers 3 main aspects – nephrology (the study of the kidneys), kidney transplantation and kidney dialysis. Below are a few of the prominent conditions treated in STAR. We strive to protect your kidney function through holistic approach of oral medication and lifestyle changes as much as possible. Below are a few of the conditions that are treated by our team. 

Chronic kidney disease & chronic kidney failure: This is a condition when your kidneys do not support well for as long as 3 months and more. And you will not show any symptoms of disorder in the initial stages of this ailment, a phase when the condition can be treated with ease. Most common reasons for such a damage are diabetes (types 1 and 2) and high blood pressure. These conditions progressively cause damage to your kidneys.

Acute kidney injury & acute renal failure: This condition is common among hospitalized patients. The failure takes place suddenly or in a span of a few hours. In such a condition the kidney finds it hard to maintain the body fluid balance with the increase in waste produced by the body. 

Recurrent kidney stones: In this condition calculi (stones) form within the renal pelvis and tubular lumens. They can be caused by formation of calcium stones, struvite stones caused due to urine infection or uric acid stones formation due to excess uric acid in urine. 

Kidney Failure: Our kidneys have tiny filters in them called nephrons. When these nephrons get damaged and lose their ability to filter the waste from our body as urine, they cause severe damage to other organs and parts of the body. Diabetes, high bp, blocked arteries, are a few of the reasons for its damage. 

Symptoms of Nephrology Diseases 

You would usually not show any symptoms when affected by any infection in the Kidney. The best part is that kidneys function well enough to help you sustain for long, even when they are damaged. There are people who live with just one kidney and are still healthy. Everything seems normal where you will produce a normal amount of urine to keep the body stable. Kidney related issues gain visibility only when your kidney is unable to remove all toxins from your body. Below are a few of the symptoms of any kind of kidney related disease. Look for these symptoms and consult our team or a specialist immediately to get a timely treatment. 

  • Lethargy, disinterested in everyday activities, less focus or frequently ill
  • Low energy 
  • Weakness in muscles
  • Breathlessness 
  • Insomnia
  • Urinating more often at night
  • Frequent headaches
  • Pain in the bones
  • Occasional muscle spasm 

Causes and Treatment of Nephrology Diseases

Kidneys are tiny organs in our body that would be the size of your computer mouse and nothing larger but it serves as one of the most vital organs in the body. It’s healthy functioning is extremely important for the stability of a human body. Below mentioned are a few of the causes that can lead to its instability. 

  • High-protein and low-fibre diet
  • Sedentary lifestyle 
  • Family history of kidney stones
  • Multiple kidney or urinary infections
  • Previous episodes of having kidney stones

If you are suffering from the above conditions and experience mild to severe discomfort, we request you to get in touch with us or your nearest health centre for better evaluation. At STAR, we offer inventive treatments delivered by some of the foremost experts in these conditions. Below are a few of the treatments offered in our hospital.

  • An ultra-modern unit of Renal Dialysis – Our facility has 30 dialysis stations and caters to an average of 1600 dialysis sessions, which include hemodiafiltration services for a select group of patients
  • Hypertension Care Unit – This is inclusive of Renal Angioplasty and we have an array of treatment options that specifically target hypertension-related kidney diseases
  • Chronic Kidney Disease Unit – We focus on prolonged healthy kidney function while ensuring minimal disruption in the patient’s everyday lifestyle
  • Glomerular Unit – This unit focuses on the provision of a systematic approach to diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the filtering apparatus of the kidneys
  • Stone Unit – This unit deals with diverse types of renal stones, which has become one of the insurgent complications among the growing population
  • Transplantation Unit – We take care of kidney transplantation and care of patient’s post-transplant. We also perform un-matched transplantation (ABO-incompatible), second transplantation with all necessary blood purification processes like plasma exchange.
  • Critical Care Nephrology – This is a unit that treats critically ill patients with kidney involvement. This treatment is suggested when you need utmost care that may include advanced dialysis modalities like CRRT or HDF
  • Peritoneal Dialysis Program – This includes peritoneal dialysis catheter placement and taking care of acute and chronic dialysis requiring patient population

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